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Aluminum Composite Fence – What to Know

Once you chose composite materials, you can expect major weight savings. Compared to woods and metals, these materials tend to be light in weight. This lightness is also important to fencing needs.

If you are interested in installing an aluminum composite fence, then this post is for you.

What Is an Aluminum Composite Fence?

As you probably know, aluminum is the sixth most ductile metal and send most malleable. This material is often used as an allow due to its strength. Alloys when combined with other metals like silicon, magnesium, manganese, and copper are known to be lightweight yet strong.

Metal composite materials like aluminum come with two metal skins that are being bonded to the insulating core. That is to form a composite sandwich panel, which is typically used in the building’s external cladding. Then, this wall cladding will serve as superb protection against dampening and as a wind barrier.

An aluminum composite fence is composed of thin aluminum sheets that are bonded to a non-aluminum core like polyethylene and any other polymer matrices. Today, more and more people are interested to this type of fence as it provides dependable strength without heaviness.

What Are the Advantages of Installing Aluminum Composite Fence?

When planning to install a fence, you always look for an option that is aesthetically beautiful but durable with low maintenance required. So, it would be a good idea for you to try an aluminum composite fence.

With an aluminum composite fence, you can expect for lightweight quality and less vulnerability to corrosion and rusting. Other than these, you can also experience the following advantages:

  • Eco-Friendly Fencing Solution

The aluminum composite fence contains 75% to 95% of recycled materials. So, apart from protecting your loved ones and your property, you are also protecting our environment.

  • Easy to Install

If you are looking for a fence option that is easy to install, then the aluminum composite fence is good to consider. As it is consisting of panels that are lightweight, the fence materials can be slotted into place with ease and then, stacked to your desired height.

  • Versatile Colors

Fences made of aluminum composite also come with versatile colors, which is an advantage if you are very particular in terms of aesthetic look. You can choose either you want a dark shade or the lighter one, depending on your preference. Not only that, but you can also expect that the colors will remain rich as they will not easily fade.

  • Low Maintenance

Unlike other fence options that require a high level of maintenance, an aluminum composite fence is very low-maintenance. As it can be coated with a powder that fuses the paint to the material surface, it helps in protecting and strengthening the fencing.

If you think it’s time for you to change or install a new fence, then you can rely to aesthetic look, lightness, and eco-friendly quality of an aluminum composite fence. What’s more, you can easily customize it based on the height, style, and color you desired.

Aluminum Composite fence


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